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Shocking weight loss by Anant Ambani

Shocking weight loss by Anant Ambani: India’s richest person Mukesh Ambhani’s son Anant Ambhani gave a shocking surprise to everyone. As we all know that Anant wieghs much more than actual weight. No one knows that he is suffering from hypothyroidism, which means the person who has this disease can became much more fat even they consume less food and liquid.Shocking weight loss by Anant Ambani, Anant Ambani weight loss images, how to weight loss Anant Ambani,weight loss Anant Ambani photos, Anant Ambani profile

That’s why Anant is looking too chubby. But this is no more in his life. As yesterday he visits to Somanath Temple in Mumbai and turns all the eyes towards him. Because the actual weight of Anant is 140 kilos and he reduced his weight to half of it i.e., he shreds to 70kilos almost.

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So everyone got shocked to see this. Whenever there is an IPL match for Mumbai, he visits along with his mother Nita Ambhani. But more often he became the most headlines for his excessive weight and receives more trolls in his life.

According to the source, his father Mukesh Ambani arranges a special trainer for Anant to lose the excess weight and makes him fit without workouts. Within a few days he lost almost 70kilos. Apart from that he used to run in Marathons at Reliance refinery . so this gonna be a special impression for him during the IPL season as he will appear as a slim.

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