Ram Gopal Varma New Movie Nuclear Poster l RGV’s 340 Crore Budget Film

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma today announced his first international project titledNUCLEAR, which will be made at the whopping budget of Rs 340 crore. The 54-year-old director took to Twitter to share the news and details about his maiden international film. “My 1st international film to be made at a cost of 340 cr is NUCLEAR…#RGVNUCLEAR,” he tweeted along with the poster of the movie, a CMA global production.Ram Gopal Varma New Movie Nuclear Poster l RGV's 340 Crore Budget Film

“I have been an avid and voracious reader of both fiction and non fiction but never in my life until now, have I come across a subject matter like NUCLEAR.

“Yes it’s going to be much more costlier than the most expensive film ever made in India and the reason for that is because the subject matter truly demands that it is filmed on a scale never before seen,” Varma said in note shared on the film’s website.

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The film deals with a subject of terrorism and will explore the consequences the world will face if nuclear bomb gets into the wrong hands.
“…The echoes of the nuclear bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still reverberating in the world’s ears 70 years after they exploded making it impossible for the world to forget the terror they unleashed.

“The only thing which can be more terrifying than that is, if that explosion happens now in our times…It’s obvious that an actual nuclear explosion in a big city like Mumbai can easily trigger WORLD WAR III and thus end the WORLD,” he added.

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The project will be shot in the USA, China, Russia and India and will have a cast of American, Chinese, Russian, British, Yemenis and Indian actors.

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