Rajinikanth Robo 2 Movie Making Stills Leaked in Shooting

Rajinikanth Robo 2 Movie Making Stills Leaked in Shooting: Rajnikanth and Shankar’s Robot/Enthiran has became quite a sensation when it released in 2010. The movie became has a cult following among the Rajni fans and Shankar fans. Many viewers and fans are waiting for Shivaji and Enthiran combo to repeat their magic on screen. Finally, after I release, when Shankar announced the plan to release a sequel for Enthiran/Robo many wanted it to be bigger than any movie in India, Bigger than Bahubali and PK. Granting their wishes, Shankar collaborated with Lyca Productions, who agreed to bankroll the Magnum opus Scientific Fiction at a budget of 340 crores apparently. The movie also casted Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar to cater to the young and National audience.robo 2 movie release,robo 2 movie release date,robo 2 leaked stills, robo 2 leaked story,robo 2 movie shankar,robo 2 movie stills,robo 2 movie story,robo 2 movie trailer,robo 2 tamil movie,robo 2 telugu movie,robocop 2 full movie,robocop 2 full movie 2014

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The buzz has been that Akshay Kumar will be the big baddie and Rajni will also become the 2.0 chitti once again fighting with Akshay. Some even thought Akshay will be the evil scientist. But in a recent interview, Sudhansu Pandey, revealed that he plays the role of Professor Bora’s son and he will be the evil scientist in the film. He also revealed that he has a big fight with Akshay and wants to see it on screen as soon as possible. He excitingly stated that he has few scenes with Rajni where he shares the negative vibes with him. The movie is 85% completed and by end of January, the shooting will be totally over. Akshay already completed his parts. Looking at the health conditions of Rajni, the movie is being progressed at a slow pace in its last leg giving him time to recover and deliver an active performance on screen. The movie is slated for a Diwali 2017 release.

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Rajinikanth Robo 2 Movie Making Stills Video

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