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Nara Rohit’s Tuntari telugu Movie Review and Rating, Story

Nara Rohit’s Tuntari telugu Movie Review and Rating, Story : Tuntari is an action and comedy entrainer set releases on March 11th 2016. Tuntari directed by Kumar Nagendra and produced by Ashok and Nagarjun. Lead roles are Nara Rohit, Latha Hegde, Kabir Duhan Singh. Coming director, Earlier Kumar Nagendra makes the Gundello Godari, Joru. Now he directs Naga Rohit as a lead role named as Tuntari. Complete “Tuntari Telugu Movie Review” given below.Tuntari Movie Review,tuntari telugu movie review,Tuntari review and rating,Tuntari review Box office collections,Tuntari public talk,review of tuntari movie telugu,Nara rohit Tuntari movie first day talk,Nara rohit Tuntari Movie Review

Tuntari Movie Cast and Crew

Lead Roles: Nara Rohit,Latha Hegde ,Kabir Duhan Sing, Vennela Kishore, Sudharshan ,Shakalaka Shankar, Ali.
Director: Kumar Nagendra
Story: A R Murugadoss
Cinematography :M R Palani Kumaar
Music: Sai Kartheek
Producers: Ashok Baba Nagarjun

Nara Rohit’s Tuntari telugu Movie Review and Rating, Story

Tuntari Story : The story revolves around Boxing concept. Few people from a software company goes for vacation to a beautiful hill station. During that time a holy saint will give a news paper which shows the future news. In that paper there will be a pciture of one guy named Raju who wins the boxing competition. The worth of the competition is 5 crores. From the same group one of the guy give response that they knew that person. So they will decide that to find him soon. After the vacation the entire group will return to the Vizag. Then they start to search Raju. Finally they will reach Raju. But Raju is a person who is jobless and spends his life without any aim. How this group convinced Raju and made him learn boxing and how he meet heroine and how she plays an important role to make him to learn boxing is the remaining story.

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Performance: Nara Rohit delivered his best and he has done fabulous job.  His comic timing in the movie is appreciable. He impressed the audiences by his entertaining role of a careless guy. His body language, fun timing and way of dialogue delivery are the major highlights. Actress Latha Hegde became successful to attract the audiences by her glamour but got less screen space to prove her performance skills. Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar have done decent job. Kabir Dulhan Singh in the role of villain performed well but he was unable to impress the audiences by his dialogues as he is the main villain of the movie but did not do much on screen. Roller Raghu and Ali became successful to give much laugh to the audiences. Sudarshan Reddy, Pooja, Kasi Viswanath, Swaroop and other have done justification with their roles.

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Tuntari Movie Plus Point:

  • Performance and comic timing of Nara Rohit
  • Engaging Narration
  • Story Line
  • Run time
  • Cinematography

Tuntari Movie Minus Point:

  • Dialogues
  • Songs
  • Less comedy in second half

Tuntari Movie Rating : 3/5.

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