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Lokesh & Ravi Prakash Teaming Up For A TV Channel?

Lokesh & Ravi Prakash Teaming Up For A TV Channel?: The reports of selling off of the popular news channel TV9 has been the talking point in the media world for the last few days. Telangana CM KCR’s close aide and noted industrialist Jupally Rameswar Rao has reportedly taken over TV9, and this led everyone wondering about TV9’s head honcho Ravi Prakash’s future strategy.Lokesh & Ravi Prakash Teaming Up For A TV Channel?For nearly a decade, Ravi Prakash acted as the partner and CEO of TV9 and played a crucial role in the channel’s success. After starting off as a normal journalist, Ravi Prakash became a key person in Telugu media world and reached a stage where he even called the shots in Telugu politics.

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However, unlike in the past where he used to make frequent appearances in the media, Ravi Prakash has of late restricted himself to behind the scenes. However, with his channel’s management changing hands, Ravi Prakash may not be continued in his post.

The latest update is that Ravi Prakash has diverted his concentration towards AP media and is reportedly planning to set up a media house exclusively for AP, even though he is yet to take the big leap.

Already, CM’s son Nara Lokesh is rumored to be planning to set up a news channel in AP. Media circles are opining that it wouldn’t be surprising if Lokesh and Ravi Prakash come together and join hands for a news channel, thanks to Ravi Prakash’s proximity to Chandrababu Naidu. One has to wait to see if these discussions will really materialize eventually.

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