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AP Budget 2016: AP Govt to fill 20,000 vacant jobs in the state

AP Budget 2016: AP Govt to fill 20,000 vacant jobs in the state: AP Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu introduced Andhra Pradesh budget for 2016-17 in the Assembly on Thursday. For the first time, the state government has designed e-budget. The state government has provided copies of the e-budget to the members of the Assembly by tablets .AP Budget 2016: AP Govt to fill 20,000 vacant jobs in the state
In his Budget speech, Finance Minister Yanamala stated that the Andhra Pradesh state Government has given orders for filling up the 12,358 posts in various departments of the state. 5 per cent of the funds were earmarked for the youth between the age groups 18 to 35 years, added Finance Minister.

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AP Budget Speech Highlights

* Another 20 thousand posts in various departments will be filled in the near future.
* AP Government aims at making the state as the capital for the skills in the country by 2020.
* AP Government aims to prepare experts with international competitiveness by 2029.
* Skill development to provide jobs to the youth
* Construction of stadiums in all the Assembly constituencies.
* Government aims to build 127 stadiums by 2016-17 financial year.
* The Possibility of  conducting national sports in Amravati in 2019.
* Construction of 3 sports complexes at Tirupati, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada.
* Construction  of 4 million toilets with an estimated cost of Rs 320 crore in urban areas .
* Construction of toilets in Panchayat, Municipality Corporations with Rs 100 crore.
* At least 1300 gram panchayats will be far from public litter malpractice by 2016-17.
* Solid waste Management Program in 660 Gram Panchayats with an estimated cost of Rs 110 crore .
* Construction of Permanent buildings and infrastructure to start in Amravati this year,
* Kurnool to be developed as the Smart City with state funds
* Setting up of e-office in Secretariat.
* e -governance in the government offices.

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